Tuesday, April 29 2014

New all-in-one product strengthens ArjoHuntleigh’s lateral transfer product portfolio

The Maxi Transfer™ Sheet for lateral transfer and repositioning is a sling and bed linen all-in-one.

It allows for safe repositioning and transfer of immobile patients in healthcare settings such as Intensive care units.

As a combined bed linen and repositioning solution, the single-layer, seamless transfer sheet offers a superior alternative to standard repositioning sheets.

The new Maxi Transfer Sheet is a bed linen with the strength of a sling. It is designed entirely from a bed linen perspective with the comfort of the patient in mind.

“The Maxi Transfer Sheet complies with international guidelines that recommend a limited number of layers, meaning it can be left under the patient 24/7. The transfer sheet is made of breathable and heat-transporting microfibers allowing for a good microclimate. It is especially suitable for pressure ulcer management on active therapy mattresses”, says Anders Olsson Global Product Manager.

Combined with an ArjoHuntleigh ceiling or mobile lifting solution, the Maxi Transfer Sheet can help reduce heavy manual patient handling tasks while at the same time allow for a improved care of the patient.

“Work-related injuries affect caregivers every day, causing unnecessary pain and suffering while draining valuable resources and increasing sick leave. Through a Safe Patient Handling program we can positively influence caregivers’ work environment and reduce work-related injuries while at the same time provide a comfortable and dignified care for the patient.

The Maxi Transfer Sheet is an important enabler to successfully remove caregiver stress and strain from patient handling routines”, says Johan Birkfeldt, Product Group Director.

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For Maxi Transfer Sheet questions, please contact:
Anders Olsson, Product Manager
Phone: + 46 732 319 013

For Safe Patient Handling program questions, please contact:
Kristina Hallström, Clinical Research Manager
Phone: + 46 70 646 44 26

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Harald Stock, President & CEO
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